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Lugera is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in Slovakia. Since its founding in 1996, we have been helping to connect the right people with the right companies.

Welcome to Homeland of Talent

Lugera is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in Slovakia. Since its founding in 1996, we have been helping to connect the right people with the right companies.

This is why we help job seekers to find the most suitable work for them free of charge. We provide complete services that include registering a CV in the database, sending current job positions, and providing information about current situation in the labor market.

An important part of our services is a professional guidance, which maximizes chances of candidates to succeed. This includes a thorough preparation for an interview, meetings with clients, and constructive feedback.

We help to our clients to find suitable candidates, including difficult-to-fill or professional or management positions. So we save them the costs on human resources and help them grow faster and more efficiently.

Our persistent effort to bring high added value to our employers is reflected in our success, thanks to which we have gradually established 4 branches (Bratislava, Trenčín, Košice and Košice) and expanded our operations abroad – to Czech republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania , Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and even to Armenia.

After 21 years, we have hundreds of bigger and smaller projects for foreign investors as well as for Slovak companies and thousands of successfully fulfilled vacancies. Now you can also benefit from our long lasting experiences and unique knowledge of the labor market in Slovakia and abroad.

How Lugera can help to my career?

How Lugera can help to my business?

We know the labor market.

Our 20 years of experience, unconventional approach, and the ability to create tailored solutions make us a reliable partner for your business and career.

We love our job.

Lugera employees make a cheerful and varied group of people, but there is one thing we share – a great enthusiasm for what we do.

We understand to your business.

Our consultants are specialized in specific areas, which allow them to get an overview in the given area and speak the candidate or client’s speech.

Our story

We are celebrating 20th anniversary! Together with the Slovak labor market, we have experienced its great growth as well as the crisis period. Today we are looking forward to the positive situation and the ever-growing interest about our talented people of foreign investors. We have been sharpened by the years of experience, tested by the projects we got involved with and we are still in love by what we do.

candidates employed on permanent employment
hours spent on personal interviews

Our team


There are over 30 consultants working with enthusiasm for human resources. We advise you on how to attract candidates, let you know about the latest news from the labor market, find and convince top talents to become your employees. Your satisfaction as well as our candidates is our best reference.


Our business team takes care of the needs of our clients throughout Slovakia. We will provide you with prompt answers to your questions, we will offer solutions as well as current information from the labor market. Our goal is to become a long-term business partner for our clients and that we are doing so, confirms positive references. Client is for us on the first place, the client and his satisfaction are the first. We want to overcome your expectations.


A legendary organism capable of turning dreams into daring decisions that move throughout all Lugera. Their plans to conquer an HR world are daring, sometimes far too much… but their determination to go beyond their own shadow is renowned.


Do not be fooled by their bizarre feminine outlook and charming smiles, our financial department is full of Amazons that no one dares to say no. Or maybe not pay an invoice. There is a legend about one merchant who did not give a billing for business trips on time. Since then no one has ever seen him …


The most popular team in Lugera, especially when the salary day is near. In addition to the
processing payroll for our core employees and approximately 300 temporary staff, they are also responsible for payroll processing of our clients. They issue more than 2 500 pay slips each month. Payroll team will solve your questions with HR administration and legislation, advise you with contract preparation. Everything they do, they do it with maximum emphasis on discretion. They know everything about us, but they do not betray anything. Really, we have tried. They are as silent as the grave.


The most favored team in the whole Lugera. Their white magic prevents our systems from all viruses and traps. They are powerful magicians of laptops and printers, each technique listens to them. In their free time they program applications, organize Lugera parties and save the world.


Our Front Office Assistants are super women. Without them, there would be chaos, panic and there would be a caffeine withdrawal. Their secret weapons are multitasking and smile on their faces every time.


We are all very well aware that we are an amazing company. In order to be known all over the world, we also have Marketing, which creates, publishes, measures, analyzes, evaluates, and make cappuccino with a pleasure for colleagues every Friday.


In our Republic, you will also meet temporary-time citizens (part-time employee) who help us to do miracles for our clients, they need only one call to get Chuck Norris to the interview and they are able to turn your CV into a digital profile in a minute. Usually, after their part time end they are more than welcome to become a proper citizen in our republic.

Meet Lugera Management

Danka Berčeniová

Chief Executive Officer

+421 905 825 583

Monika Voláková

HR Manager

+421 905 825 585

Ivan Kovalík

Branch Manager

Košický a Prešovský kraj
+421 908 997 132

Matej Weismann

Regional Delivery Manager

+421 905 414 475

Katarína Nováková

Regional Business Manager

Trenčiansky, Žilinský a Banskobystrický kraj
+421 908 374 151

Juraj Bakoš

Regional Business Manager

Bratislavský kraj
+421 908 997 164

Blanka Ondrišáková

Payroll Services Delivery Manager

+421 905 463 560

Dušan Ďurčo

IT Manager

+421 905 387 030

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